I’m a third grade of a junior high school.

Today I will tell you about population decrease on Sado Island. Now our hometown Sado faces to a big problem. Recently the population decrease about 1000 people a year. Then what is the reason? Why do they get out of Sado? In my opinion, they might think there are fewer jobs offered. So they decide to start working in big cities like Niigata or Tokyo. Actuary many presidents of companies on Sado are worried about serious lack of employees. My experience there working was also. But that work was very interesting. When my experience finished, I asked my classmates. How about your experience? They answered. It was a lot of fun! We want to experience again. So we should make opportunities to let young people know actual condition of the working on the Sado .

Two weeks ago, elementary school kids were able to experience some jobs. They got much information about jobs and more over they enjoy this event itself. Like this , Sado city is making efforts to let young people learn about local jobs.
In conclusion, we have a lot of interesting jobs. Sado is great and worth living. Imagine your future. What jobs do you want to get? Why don’t you find those jobs on Sado?
                       佐渡市立 真野中学校 3学年 伊藤 蒼 君でした。